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 D2OL Starting Up Phase II   

As of April 3, 2006, the D2OL project transitioned to their Phase II. This involved a freezing of the old stats, zeroing of the new stats, and assorted flakiness on the part of the project servers.

At the time Phase I went down, we apparently had only one member (jimhadd) crunching on this project. From what I read on their forum, the new stats are still a little flakey. Once they settle down, it will be possible to start them up again on our end.

That is, if a few people remain interested. Is Team MacNN still interested in D2OL?

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D2OL Starting Up Phase II
Authored by: Shaktai on Sunday, May 14 2006 @ 06:05 PM
Doesn't seem to be much interest, with BOINC projects and Folding@home
taking up most the resources. However, Mikkyo finished up #56 overall,
even though he hasn't crunched on the project for a very long time.
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