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 Rosetta starts CASP 7   

Rosetta@Home has started crunching CASP 7 competition work units. With newer software and a couple of years of experience behind them, it is hoped they will fare well. CASP7 runs from May 10th to August 1st.

The purpose of Rosetta is to show the feasibility of distributed computing to predict computer folding. Some success has been had, but there is a lot more to learn. CASP 7 will measure the Rosetta team against other Protein prediction experts the world over. The had a decent showing in CASP 6, two years ago, so hopefully with the additional knowledge and experience may do even better. The CASP competions measure the accuracy of software or other manual methods in the area of protein prediction. Success in this area may lead to quicker breakthroughs in science and medicine by eliminating the time consuming manual processes.

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