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 Updates about the Team Clubhouse   

A few changes have been made to bring things up to date. On teamstats, the "SETI" nav icon now points to BOINC-SETI. Those wishing to see the SETI Classic stats can still find them in the 'seti1' section. Accordingly, our Milestones will use the plain 'SETI' disignation again.

Rosetta had been missing from the teamstats nav bar, this is fixed.

D2OL finally got their stats sorted out for Phase 2. They didn't make any changes to their stats web pages, at least none that broke our stats. So our D2OL stats picked up on the changeover and are working again. We don't seem to have anyone crunching on this project, but since it's already up, I'll leave the section live. Assorted other teams do use our stats on this project.

The team news site was down for over a week during MacNN backend server migrations. Our DB got moved to a new server, and it took some time to sort it out.

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