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 CURRENT TEAM STATUS Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

  • Einstein team climbs to #11. The Einstein team has made it up to #11 and is still outcrunching two other teams. Looks like they can make it to #9 with current production.     
  • Rosetta Team is holding at #21 and just holding on being threatened by the Clangers, but still have 3 teams ahead they can pass eventually.     
  • SETI Team is #21, and is currently outproducing 10 teams ahead of them. Only 3 of those teams will be passed in the next 90 days. Something to do with a superfast Mac SETI app......     
  • Predictor Team is still #1, but likely to be passed in about 150 days.     
  • Climate Prediction team is #17 but threatened to be passed by three teams in the next 90 days.     
  • Folding@Home is #49 and facing some serious threats.     
  • RC-5 is ranked #39 with both threats and opportunities.     
  • D2OL is #49 with neither any significant threats or opportunities. Sounds like they have some new folks on board who plan to bring life back to that party.

 All Stats are Offline Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

They lost their RAID controller card and at least one hard drive in the last few days. Both have been replaced, and their statsbox is catching up. With a little luck and a lot of processing, RC5 stats will return within a few more days.

The projects are still doing work, only the stats are offline. You can read all the interesting details in the blogs for decibel and nugget.

 SETI@home Classic Ending Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

"On December 15, 2005, after 6 years of operation, this project will shut down. But SETI@home is not going away." - SETI Classic News

They also say that the classic stats will remain available afterwards. At the moment, those stats are not working because the pages are blank on the Berkeley side. Sounds like the classic stats will return for a brief time, in case anyone wants to shoot for a final milestone.

Team MacNN got started on SETI, today we are doing increasingly well on SETI-BOINC, in large part due to AltiVec-optimized clients. Now, if only they can close down SETI-Classic by finding an interesting signal. One can hope.

 Team MacNN takes 17th Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

After a weekend of high production, aided by Predictor@home going down, Team MacNN has moved up 3 ranks to hit 17th in Einstein@Home.
With new folks joining daily, and the team pulling its power together to focus on Einstein, the top ten gets closer each day.
The next few ranks will take some work, but with team members pulling all their old boxes out of the closet, our opportunities are greater than ever.

Members should consider lending a hand in crunching for Einstein, at least for the short term, even the small donation of a week of crunch time will greatly aid the team.
Not only does the team have less members than all the teams we have passed, but less machines as well.

So join in today and help further dispel the megahertz myth!

 New SETI-BOINC Clients with Altivec Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

A couple of guys in our forum have been up to no good. They schemed over the BOINC-SETI worker, manually adding in Altivec code. The results are at least twice as fast as the javalizard client, and approximately 4x as fast as the standard SETI worker. And yes, the work units have been validating.

The new clients are officially alpha, but they have been proving stable. They have also been proving a threat to the four SETI2 teams ahead of us. By the time you read this, make that three teams ahead of us.

The evil planning has been going on in this thread. Be sure to jump in and give it a whirl. The x86 guys will definitely not thank you. Some people just have no perspective on important work like this.

Anyway, you can get the new workers from the guys' page. We have also posted a link from our usual place for optimized workers. Jump on over and give it a whirl. A number of deserving teams need a date with destiny, not to mention all those fellow team members who decided to snooze at the wheel just now. Oh yes, and we need to hurry up and find those aliens. Personally, I'm still waiting for my antigrav floating office chair.

 Team MacNN move up 3 ranks in 12 hours Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

Team MacNN has moved up 3 ranks in Einstein@Home in the last 12 hours to reach 22nd place.

Congrats to all!

Everyone should consider switching their priority to Einstein and helping the Team reach the top ten.

 Team MacNN moves up to 26th overall in Einstein@home Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

With nearly 1.5M total credit, the team is steadily moving up the ranks in Einstein@home.

Crunchers should consider applying their focus to this project as the team could easily make it into the top ten with just the power from Predictor directed here.
Estimates indicate we could push 60+K day if the team made a dedicated push.

 Team MacNN passes 5M credits in Predictor Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

A significant milestone for the team was passed this weekend - 5M total credit in Predictor@home.

Good job everyone, we are way ahead of the #2 team now, leading by nearly 1.75M credits.
We have ample breathing room if you would like to switch focus and help push the team up the ranks in other projects.

 We are #1 in Predictor@Home Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

It's happened. We are the #1 team in the Predictor@Home project. The big question now is what's next. A couple of weeks to build our lead, and then it will be time to set our sights, and some of our power on other projects. Let your voice be heard in the team forums.

Also, don't forget to vote for which project you would like to see next have BOINCstats. reader50 is very busy, but you votes will impact which project he works on next, when he has time. Thanks to all the crunchers, who helped to push us to #1. Everyone of you is important to the team.

 Boinc 4.44 Clients Posted Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

Super-optimized, auto-vectorized, gcc 4.0, Mac OS X 10.3.9 and 10.4 compatible, GUI drop-in friendly, fancy-pants, screaming-fast Boinc 4.44 Clients can be found on the Team resources page here:

Boinc 4.44 Clients

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