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 The Hour Is At Hand Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

Two teams are about to fall. Phoenix Rising (#41) and Team Austech.Info (#42) are both within hours of going down. I have celebrated by adding forum links for a couple more teams ahead of us.

LWD (#32) is being outcrunched, but is a few months away at current rates. MacAddict (#39) is much closer and outcrunching us only slightly - if we pass them, we will become the #3 Mac Folding team.

Much of our recent power increases are due to the new members joining up. Scott posted the recruiting thread in PowerMac a few days ago - while the thread has been fairly quiet, 30 new members have joined in the past week. Welcome aboard to all our new guys and gals.

 Folding@Home team hits 1 million points Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

Earlier this week our folding@home team reached the 1 million point milestone. Congratulations to all who helped us reach this milestone. We now push onward and upward. Next stop, 5 million!

 Teamstats not Updating Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

Teamstats will not be updating for a little while.
I'm currently formatting the box that did the processing as I work on what is the start of a total rebuild of my network. When it's done not only will I have more total capacity for serving websites, but teamstats should also load faster.

Update: All done


 Stats Lockdown Vote Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

D2OL is considering a change to their stats system. The proposed change is to make the project more like RC5, in that stats credited to teams cannot be switched to another team later. Right now, anyone who comes to Team MacNN can bring all their D2OL stats with them. If the change takes place, the previous team gets to keep all the old stats.

While this would hurt our recruiting, it also affects anyone who wants to leave. If you later decide to go clean with Microsoft and PCs ... we would get to keep all your points right here. On the whole, MacNN has gained far more stats than we have lost on projects that allow stats transfers.

Anyone who wants to vote in the poll or post their opinion should visit the thread in the project forum. As of this writing, the stats-lock people are ahead by 2:1 in the poll, and have been stuffing the thread.

 teamstats trouble Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

The teamstats HD got thrashed again. Database repairs are in progress.

In addition, dFold has switched to new winter quarters at Don't ask, I don't know what they were smoking. Stats and link updates will happen.

Between the various problems, it may be the weekend before everything is working right again.

Update: This has been fixed.

 The Real Gromacs Altivec Core Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

Stanford has updated the Gromacs core_78. The updated core more than doubles crunch speeds for G3 and G4 systems, probably for G5 as well. To update, stop your clients and delete FahCore_78.exe from your client folders. Restart the clients, and watch the work units rack up.

Sometime this week, Mac clients will start auto-updating. Until then, there is no need to bring this to the attention of other Mac teams. At least, not right away. Considering that this new core has just been released, we would not want to disrupt other Mac teams by doubling their production.

 Quick Stats Back Up! Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

Reader put in some extra time this weekend to fix the quick stat information. Apparently, the MacNN folks upgraded their PHP distribution, breaking our code that pulls the data over from Scott's server.

We're all better in that regard. As for broken links in the project pages, I'll be working towards the end of the week to get those up to date. Stay tuned!

 Distributed Computing Sanity Checking Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

Howard Feldman has written an interesting article on distributed computing. Check it out.

 Teamstats offline Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

Earlier today, the server that hosts teamstats crashed. I have the box back up, but the crash caused a significant amount of database corruption, so I've turned off all access to the server until the repairs are complete.
I'll post again when repairs are done.

Edit: Stats are back online

 PHP Errors on Home Page Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 

We are experiencing several errors (actually one for each distributed computing project) that appear to be related to how we copy team statistical data from another server. The files containing the data appear to be cut off, causing parsing errors. We are working on the problem, so stay tuned.

So for now, I have disabled the team statistics block that usually appears on the home page, as no data is actually available for parsing. Look for it to return ASAP.

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