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 Team Resources
Various Resource Pages will be linked from here. If you have an idea for a useful page, post in the forum.

- reader50

Boinc SETI installation/optimization/troubleshooting guide

Folding CLI command flags

crontab definitions

For site admins with posting permissions: Please attempt to stick to XHTML coding guidelines, it is important to be sure all our pages render badly in most non-IE browsers. Careful use of XHTML and as much CSS as possible will help reduce the use of non-approved browsers, a substantial service for all mankind.

XHTML attempts to define the HTML document as a valid XML document. This is done by ensuring all HTML tags are in lowercase and all have ending tags. For example:
    HTML: <IMG SRC="">
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Note the ending / at the end of the XHTML img tag. This closes that tag because img elements have no formal ending tag ala </p>. Be careful with lists and new lines especially. i.e. new lines should appear as: <br />.

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"formatClass" is some CSS group that has font attributes (size, font, bold characteristics, etc. To view the CSS file and definitions for the site that you can currently use, go to the style.css file, which applies to pages on this site. Use those CSS definitions that begin with a period, as those do not usually contain any layout definitions, just font characteristics.

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